Events and Attractions

What can you find at this year’s Faire?

Come and see some familiar faces along with some exciting new comers!


Calum Lykan


Lothar malmberg

Medieval Magician

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Click Here to find him on Facebook!

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These guys are the equivalent of the TV celebrities of the medieval times! Thats what tv was then, kids... storytelling and magic. Ain't nothin' like the real thing!

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Click Here to follow him on facebook!

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Lethbridge Medieval Club

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click to find them on Facebook

We are honored to welcome back this group of incredibly dedicated and talented Medievalists! Come and witness the medieval technical marvels, the craftsmanship, the dance, the music and the swordplay that this group of medieval artisans bring to the Living Medieval Village.

Click on their logo to visit their Facebook page

Click on their logo to visit their Facebook page

We are excited to welcome back this amazing group of mounted Medievalists lead by the world renowned RADAR! Come and hear the thunder of the hooves, the crash of the clash between lance and armor! This year, they are bringing a Polish EXPLOSION!!! check out these amazing martial feats of skill and horsemenship! An event truly not to be missed!

Avacal Equestrian & Smith’s Mounted medieval Clinic

Mounted Medieval Demos & Clinics/Workshops

Avcal Equestrian.jpg

Avacal Equestrian is a dedicated group of people with the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) Kingdom of Avacal who love horses, the art of the horse and all manner of things associated with the medieval horse. They want to introduce you and your horse to medieval games. Anyone with a zest for history, a horse and a bit of time can do these activities.

Smith’s Mounted Medieval Cinic at the Windy Castle Medieval Faire

Smith’s Mounted Medieval Clinic will be offering 4 x 1 1/2 hour training sessions in mounted medieval games ( 1 each morning & afternoon on both days of the fair )

Fee is $75

includes 1 adult faire pass + Haul in fee + Workshop fee


Red Stags of Red Deer


Family Fun, Medieval Style!

This interactive Medieval experience puts swords into the hands of children! Young squires are trained in the art of medieval gaming. Hands on fun for everyone! young and old, can come and play the Medieval way!


Cirque Sensation

Look up... WAAAAAAY UP! These high-flying tumblers and jesters are back again this year to dazzle and amaze!

… with a little something new!!!

True North Axe Throwing

To follow them on Facebook, Click here!

To follow them on Facebook, Click here!



Just Yes.

Oh so much Yes.

Haven’t tried it yet!?!?!?

What are you waiting for!


Astro Jump - Bouncy Castles & Jump 4 Fun - Arrow Tag

Release your inner child! We always do our best to bring you Bouncy Castles for all ages!

Practice your archery on live targets! Its like Dodge ball... but with LARP (Live Action Role Play) arrows!

What is Arrow Tag? It’s like dodge ball but with bows and foam tipped arrows! (Armour not required)

And more...