Murder Under the Big Top

Saturday, April 13th at 6:00 pm

Westminster Community Center, 411 16th St. N, Lethbridge AB

For this evening’s events, you are invited to attend in costume and in character!

We want you to have fun! We know not everyone likes to be the center of attention so we have organized the characters in our 3 Ring Circus so that you can decide how involved in the evening’s festivities you want to be.

Oh, ya… by the way…

**Spoiler Alert!!**

One of you is going to be Murdered!

Online Character Selection is now closed!

the remaining characters will now be available at the door only.

Come on down! We’ll always make room for you!

This event is a fundraiser.

You will be sent a character package with character and costume suggestions by email after your purchase. Upon your arrival you will receive your second character package that will include your name tag, a listing of starting activities and carnival tickets that you can use to choose the carnival food you would like to eat as well as play some of the Midway games we are preparing. You will also have the opportunity to purchase more tickets should you wish, and we hope that you do! After all, this is a fundraiser to help support this summer’s Windy Castle Medieval Faire happening on July 20th and 21st.