Events and Attractions

This year we will be bringing back some of last years' favorites as well as trying something new! We are proud to announce our first Round-Robin Tournament in which Medieval Fighters battle for the honor of becoming the Windy Castle Medieval Faire's First Tournament Champion!

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Lethbridge Medieval Club

We are honored to welcome back this group of incredibly dedicated and talented Medievalists! Come and witness the medieval technical marvels, the craftsmanship, the dance, the music and the swordplay that this group of medieval artisans bring to the Living Medieval Village.

Gymfinity Cirque and Aerial Arts

Look up... WAAAAAAY UP! These high-flying jesters are her to dazzle and amaze!


Proud to announce the return of Callum Lykan, Storyteller and Lothar Malmberg, Medieval Magician!!! These guys are the equivalent of the TV celebrities of the medieval times! Thats what tv was then, kids... storytelling and magic. Ain't nothin' like the real thing!

Arrow Tag

Practice your archery on live targets! Its like Dodge ball... but with LARP (Live Action Role Play) arrows!

And more...