A Character is your ticket to Adventure!

No Experience is necessary!

All rules will be taught.

Costumes encouraged (but optional)

Unique Characters!


Limited Seating!

There are 36 UNIQUE Dungeons & Dragons characters prepared for this event. Once a character has been purchased, it’s gone!

There are 36 seats available around the tables for this evening’s adventure. When all characters have been purchased, we will be sold out for this event.

Character Packages are $25

When you arrive on November 3rd you will receive your individualized CHARACTER PACKAGE


Character Sheet

A READY-to-PLAY Dungeons & Dragons Character Sheet of your chosen character

Additional Documents

This event is designed so that you can enjoy it even if you have never played D&D before! Your package will include quick sheets for easy play as well as any unique information related to your character such as ancestry, religious affiliations, experiences, spells or abilities learned etc.

Starting Gold

You will also receive a sack of “Starting Gold” that you may use to purchase food and gear from our on site shops.

There will be a variety of food and drink items for you and various items both mundane and magical to aid your character during their adventure throughout the evening.

This is a Fundraiser.

We will have areas of our event set up as “shoppes” for you to purchase consumables or items for yourself and/or your character. Both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages will be available as well as a variety of snacks and munchies!

Exclusive martial or magical items have been prepared for this event as well as some Ultra Rare novelty items!

Come early and browse our shoppes and be prepared to have fun! We hope these items will increase your enjoyment of the evening as well as enhance your gaming experience.

Thank you for supporting the Windy Castle Medieval Faire and helping us create an even better historical, social and entertainment event for 2019!

All On Site Shoppes will be accepting:

  • “Starter Gold”

  • Cash

  • Debit

  • Visa

  • MasterCard

  • American Express

Choosing Your Character

There will be a total of 36 unique pre-generated characters. Select your character by clicking the button below.